Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Query: Ripke/Saneholtz of Allen and Madison Counties

I am searching for an obituary or date of death for Henry Ripke (born May 1845) and his wife, Mary Ripke (born October 1853), who were last seen in the 1920 census for Adams Township, Allen County, Indiana. I would also like to make contact with any of their living descendants. I believe that Mary may be a sister to my great-grandfather.

I am also searching for living relatives of Edith "Ida" (Dearmin) Saneholtz, who was born June 17, 1898 in Johnson, Indiana and died May 6, 1979 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. Edith was married to Fred C. Saneholtz, my great-uncle. I am trying to contact his grandchildren for family tree information.

Anita Butler

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  1. There is a Jerry Ripke (may be Gerald) that lives in Lafayette Indiana. He came here over 30 year ago to teach at the Lutheran School there. He is still a member of the church there.