Thursday, December 27, 2007

Query: Duncan/Smith of Dearborn County

James Duncan came to Indiana in 1815 and settled in Sparta Township, Dearborn County. He was born in Maryland in 1796 (in what part of Maryland, I do not know) and he died in Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana November 17, 1864. He was married to a Martha ?? They had six children: John, Henry, William, Ann, Elizabeth, and Joshua who was born in 1833. All were born in Dearborn County, and then in 1834 James Duncan married again to a Molly Smith.

James Duncan and Molly Smith had four children: Josiah (born 1835), James (born 1837), Robert (born 1839), and Thomas (born 1841).

I'm trying to find out where in Maryland James Duncan was born, and also who his parents were, and where they came from.

Ronald J. Duncan
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