Friday, May 11, 2007

Wells County Genealogist Appointed

The Indiana Genealogical Society has appointed Connie Brubaker as the Indiana County Genealogist (ICG) for Wells County. A Uniondale resident, Connie has lived in the county over 50 years and been involved with the Wells County Genealogy Society ( since 1992. Their former Vice-President and newsletter editor, she has been President since 1999. She’s leading them through their current project—an every-name index of Wells County deeds 1837-1900.

Connie has personally compiled several publications about the county, including estray records 1837-1877, an assessor’s book, tax records and information on the locations of all the cemeteries. She is working on a history of Uniondale. She has visited and personally indexed over a dozen cemeteries, and has led several cemetery restoration workshops with stone expert Mark Davis.

Connie is also Vice-President of the Wells County Historical Society ( and is curator of the Wells County Museum, where she is in charge of their exhibits and event planning.

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About ICG
Indiana County Genealogist is a program of the Indiana Genealogical Society. Its goal is to appoint qualified individuals to represent each of the 92 counties in Indiana. The ICG is a liaison between the Indiana Genealogical Society and local organizations and individuals, acting as a conduit for genealogy-related news. For more details, visit

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