Saturday, October 4, 2014

Query: George Lafary, Hamilton County

            I recently visited the Hamilton County East Library in search of information about the death of my 2nd great grandfather George Lafary. I believe he died in the summer of 1880. He appears in the 1880 Census with his name crossed out and 'deceased' written. It may be he died between the date of the census and the date it was submitted.
            Since deaths were not recorded before 1882 I could not find a record. The library staff could not find any records to help determine an exact date or cause of death. We looked at the microfiche newspapers and cemetery records.
            If anyone researching Hamilton County, near the village of Atlanta, has information about George Lafary, presumed died in Jackson Township in the summer of 1880, I would appreciate hearing from them. Regards.

[UPDATE: IGS found George Lafary age 47 died May 1880 of erysipelas in the 1880 mortality schedule for Hamilton County. We will be sending Barb a photocopy of that page.]

Barb LaFara
Cape Coral, FL

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