Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lake County Museum To Host Civil War Photo Exhibit

The Merrillville/Ross Township Historical Society Museum in Lake County is hosting "Faces of the Civil War," a traveling exhibit created by the Indiana Historical Society. This special exhibit can be viewed from September 11 through October 2 during the museum's regular hours, which are Sundays from 1-4 pm (admission is free).

The exhibition brings to life the stories of many Hoosiers whose lives were touched, and in some cases taken, by the Civil War. Not all are well known or revered - many were just everyday citizens fulfilling their duties to their friends, family, state and country. Rather than focusing on statistics and large scale battles, "Faces of the Civil War" illustrates how regular people coped with the tragic experiences of the day — all from an Indiana perspective.

Civilian stories featured in the exhibit include the stories of women who served both on the homefront and on the battlefield. Lovina Streight followed her husband into battle and was captured more than once by the Confederate army while tending to her husband as well as his wounded and dying comrades. Streight, along with her husband, was buried with full military honors at the Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.

In addition to the special exhibit, this year the museum is featuring information about local Civil War soldiers and veterans.

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