Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Databases Added To Members-Only

The Indiana Genealogical Society has added 5 more databases to the Members Only area:

African-American Records
--African-American Veterans in Floyd County, Indiana (1890)
--African-American Veterans in Grant County, Indiana (1890)

These databases were extracted from the 1890 soldiers enrollment list for Floyd County and Grant County. The soldiers enrollment lists enumerated the veterans of all past wars (including the Civil War) who were living in that county in 1890. If the veteran was deceased, the list included information on their widows and children.

College Records
--Non-Graduates of Hanover College, Hanover (1832-1889) - a listing of students who attended but did not graduate from the college, as found in an 1890 school catalog.

County Records
--Students of Kokomo High School, Howard County, Indiana (1932) - a listing of the students in the class of 1932 and class of 1933, as found in a 1932 yearbok.

Miscellaneous Records
--Lawyers in Indiana State Bar Association (1915) - a listing of all members of the State Bar in 1915. This database also includes memorials for members who had died within the year.

These are premium databases, accessible only to IGS members. The Indiana Genealogical Society now has 481 databases in the Members Only area, covering all 92 Indiana counties.

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