Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Query: SUTTON of Delaware County

I have a photo of my great, great, great grandmother's tombstone in a cemetery located in or near Bolivar, Missouri.

It reads: "Mary L. Sutton, Wife of James L. Sutton. Born in Delaware County, Ind., August 7, 1947. Died Sept. 23, 1901. Aged 54 Ys 1 Mt 16 DS." My great, great, great grandfather, James L. Sutton's stone says: "James L. Sutton 1841-1906." I'd sure appreciate any info you could find on either of them. I do not know anything about them other than what this tombstone says. I saw a census form one time on Ancestry.com which said Elden's father's origin was "Indiana." That's about all I know. I don't even know Mary's maiden name.

(As an aside, they had a son named Elden C. Sutton born in 1883; died in 1944 who lived in or around Bolivar Missouri, and was married to Corda L. Hayden Sutton (1883-1982).

Would sure appreciate any one who can assist me.

Thanks so much,
Pamela Sutton
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