Thursday, September 27, 2012

Information Sought On Allen County Children's Home in Fort Wayne

Author Dean Jensen is seeking information about the Allen County Children's Home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In particular, he wants to gain a sense of what the children's daily lives were like (schooling, play, jobs), as well as the layout of the grounds and what it looked like inside and out. Information from anyone who has knowledge of what the institution was like - including janitors, kitchen helpers and groundskeepers - would be appreciated, particularly from the years 1929-1932.

If you have any information, please contact:
Dean Jensen
759 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202


  1. Hello Dean
    Iwas a child ther when i was about 6. I n the 60's i rememberit pretty well I'm looking to find it also again the schooling was hard and punishment worse I was beat with a belt for playing ring a round the roses i also am on the search for it i've been told that it closed in the late 60's and became a unwed mother's home my e-mail is

    1. I was there around 1963. The building I stayed in had a bottom floor and a second floor. The first floor had the playroom/gathering room, the charge persons room and I think bathrooms. The second floor had two large rooms that contained our beds. They were divided according to age. I was in the older girls section. There was a huge clothes closet that had bins with our names on them and our clothes were kept there. There was also a bathroom with a tub which is where we took a bath. Stair case was all wood with spindles. We ate in a different building and went to school in a different building. School building also served as church. If you wish any additional information & I can help, please email me at

  2. I lived there in the late 60's and early 70's along with my 2 sisters and brother. I was in the Jr. Girls cottage first and then Sr. Girls. It was o.k. for me, but my brother would probably tell a different story. My email is: if you need information. My name is Tonna (Despos)

  3. My mother and her 7 siblings were there from around 61 to 65 a total of 4 years and she says it was hell that a miss weegan was very mean and abusive to the children,and that there was a lady that was really nice to her and her sisters and her name was mrs lane. Punishment was really harsh and often unneeded

  4. My father was there in in 1930 to 1943. His first 4-5 years of school was at Washington Elementary in Fort Wayne, and he road the trolley there. They built the school on grounds because the kids would cause trouble when they arrived at Washington School too early and/or would run away. He, too, reported physical abuse...beaten out of a sound sleep when "somebody" believed he had been talking.