Thursday, April 30, 2009

Query: RODECAP of Middletown and Muncie

RODECAP - I am having a hard time finding my great grandfather David Solomon RODECAP’s obituary. I know he was born in Middletown, Indiana approximately 1865, and he died in August of 1927 or 1928. I believe he died in Muncie, Indiana. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Meg Rodecap
2101 Luanne Lane
Auburn, IN 46706

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  1. Hey Meg, my name is Christian I am in Branson, MO I use to work in family history and i would go to the local morman church even though im not morman and i would go to the geanology library and look up all the family history or anyone else's family. The Morman church has the most complete library of all people in this country of anyone including our own government just stop by their church library ask to do some family research u dont have to be a member of the church it is open to the public and start with ur grandfathers name and go from there and u will find the death certificate obituaries and anything else you need.
    hope this helps
    Christian 314-338-4099